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Amiad heavy duty screen filters are great for removing sediment and debris that would clog an irrigation system. If algae is present in the water supply an Arkal Disc Filter should be used. Hose thread screen filters, which are not rated for constant pressure, can be used for smaller irrigation systems. DripWorks recommends a filter on every ...

The high time for Disc Filters was in the 60's when the metallurgical industries were booming and filters with 300 m2 and larger were manufactured. The filter consists of several discs, up to 15 in the larger machines, each made up from sectors which are clamped together to form the disc.

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Drip irrigation filters

Pressure Regulating Plastic Y Filter by Aqualine Size PSI Qty Each ; 3/4" 15 1+ $17.81 ADD 3/4" ... Amiad Replacement Disc Filter Element for 2" T-S Plastic Filter Type Micron Qty Each ; Disc ... Filters Solenoid Type Mesh Qty Each ; 4 12V DCL 140 mesh 1+ $14,483.15 * Dropship ...

Flowrox industrial filters offering consists of Tower Press, Filter Press, Ceramic Disc Filter, fully automatic Smart Filter Press and Smart Filtration. To maximize production to the fullest, consult experienced Flowrox filtration professionals who provide complete filtration solutions and services. Enjoy full support through entire filter life ...

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: irrigation filter

FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. More Buying Choices. $12.01 (5 new offers) awstroe Large Capacity Disc Filter Drip Irrigation Water Screen Filter Disc Filter, Plastic + Stainless Steel Irrigation Filter, 3/4" Water Screen Filter for Home. 5.0 out of 5 stars.

STF-100A4. This is a high volume pressure filter for systems that have horizontal space issues. Previously, to accommodate higher flows, multiple filters could be put together into a manifold. The filter is rated at about 250 gallons per minute at …

Disc filters generally require a higher water pressure to backflush effectively, however recent advances in design have seen low pressure disc filters introduced. Gravel (Sand) Filters. Gravel filters are suitable for both inorganic and organic contaminants. They are tanks filled with sand or gravel media.

Netafim Disc Filters. This disk filter design collects debris along the depth of the discs, not just at the surface like screen filters. thermoplastic discs are corrosion resistant. Replacement filter rings are available and are color-coded for easy mesh identification. It's extra large filtration capacity means less cleaning.

80 mesh - Disc Cartridge for 3" and 4" filter (RKD350N,RKD490N) RKD350N-CART80. $72.11. Add to Wish List. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Quickview. 120 mesh - Disc Cartridge for 3" and 4" filter (RKD350N,RKD490N) RKD350N-CART120.

High quality No Leakage Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter Fully Enclosed Operating from China, China's leading Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter product market, With strict quality control Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter factories, Producing high quality No Leakage Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter Fully Enclosed Operating products.

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: Irrigation Water Filter

3/4" 1" Filter, Disc/Screen Optional, Hose External Thread/ Internal Thread Optional 120 Mesh 130 Micron Level Drip Irrigation Industrial Agriculture Water Filter for Garden (3/4" Disc) $14.49. $14.

The AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC DLP range of DISC filters offers multiple combinations to achieve an efficient and economic filtration solution, which can be adapted to various water conditions in the industrial, HVAC, municipal, environmental, agricultural and landscaping markets requiring very low pressure (21 psi) to backwash.

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AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC HP (HIGH PRESSURE) This equipment supplies the same filtration quality as the standard disc filter, with the ability of working with pressures from 3-16 bar (45-230 psi). All the manifolds, base, lids, and connection pipes are made of metal. The control unit incorporates a differential pressure gauge and a second pressure ...

Synthetic Filter Discs. $ 0.85 – $ 113.95. These synthetic filter discs fit precisely on a variety of canning jars that are commonly used by today's mushroom cultivators. Usage of these discs allows a fresh, constant air exchange but prevents the entrance of unwanted contaminates. Size.

Our pre-cut membrane disc filters are produced using the highest quality manufacturing standards. These filters are designed to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and expand the capabilities of microfiltration applications. Membrane disc filter accessories are available for added convenience.

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In the pressure category, the most common lab filter is a batch pressure filter, which can simulate most of the com-mercial pressure filters success on filtering material. There is also a lab size (8") plate and frame filter press for conducting filtration tests, and the results from this can be directly scaled for production press sizing.

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Irrigation Filters

Filters are available in a number of configurations and can be modular for easy expansion as irrigation systems are expanded. Disc filters generally require a higher water pressure to backflush effectively, however recent advances in design …

Disc Filters Peterson builds a complete line of disc filters ranging from laboratory size units of 1′-6″ in diameter up to full size production units 12′-6″ in diameter with 15 discs. Peterson "Coal Type" disc filter designs are used on fine clean coal and coal refuse slurries and have become an industry standard in the United States.

2" Compact LP Disc-Kleen Filter is the perfect solution when automation is desired because manual cleaning is frequent and too cumbersome. The built-in backflush controller, operated by pressure differential and/or time, operates on two 9 volt DC lithium batteries.

Disc filters – AlphaDisc™, SpinKlin™ and manual disc filters. Netafim AlphaDisc™, Spin Klin™, and manual disc filters offer precise depth filtration, the most efficient protection, and superior performance. Our disc filters are made from highly durable materials, so you can enjoy consistently uniform and trouble-free irrigation for ...

No problem, we have filters available for all irrigation applications from small to large scale. Let us help you choose the right one for your needs. You should always use a Filter with Drip Irrigation. We have a wide variety - - - Screen Filters, Disc Filters and Sand Filters!

Air Filter Water-oil Separator 30mpa PCP Compressor Pump& Scuba Diving Connector. $337.46 New. Compressor Filter Oil Water Separator With Drain Valve Lematec AI 303. $21.37 New. Inline 1/4 Inch Air Oil Water Separator Filter for Compressor Spray Paint G J5d2. $9.80 New.

An extensive selection of glass, stainless steel, and plastic filter holders for use with cut disc membrane filters for liquid and gas filtration, including syringe filter holders, in-line filter housings, and filter holders for vacuum and pressure filtration.

High quality Automatic Vacuum Leaf Filter / Pressure Filtration System Oil Industry from China, China's leading Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter product market, With strict quality control Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter factories, Producing high quality Automatic Vacuum Leaf Filter / Pressure Filtration System Oil Industry products.

Disc Filters. Plastic rings stack together creating a cylindrical filter element. During filtration, the rings are compressed together effectively filtering the water and protecting the system from clogging. The lower the micron rating, the finer filtration process.

The disc filter, although requiring slightly more maintenance than a equivalent drum filter, occupies less floor per unit of filter area and is relatively easy to operate. The location of the disc filter should be such that the filter tank can overflow by gravity to …

KTF Pressure Filters use a totally automatic self-cleaning system. The Filters are used in filtering coatings and filler pigment slurries in the pulp and paper industry and also in filtering paints, inks and adhesives in various industries. Kapotek delivers industrial filtration applications for handling waste water, raw water, process water in ...

The biofilm quickly fills the spaces between the grains of sand and the pressure drop across the filter rises rapidly. Frequent back flushing is required and the active biological film is removed each time. In contrast, fluidized bed sand filters have been successfully used for …

RC filters have the very good solvent resistance of traditional filter papers but with the much finer retention characteristics of polymer membrane filters. Additionally, regenerated cellulose is inherently hydrophilic and RC filters do not contain the wetting agents required by MCE and CA membrane filters.

Mitsubishi Electric MAC-568IF-E Home WiFi Controller Adapter. 4.9 out of 5 stars. (13) Total ratings 13, £90.62 New. ElectrIQ Fil-eap500hc With HEPA Active Carbon Filter for Air Purifier Home. £43.97 New.

The nonwoven polypropylene prefilters (with nominally-rated pore sizes) are constructed with polypropylene, and exhibit similarly low extractables and broad chemical compatibility. Although technically hydrophobic, the polypropylene prefilters are easily water wetted at modest differential pressures.The filters can tolerate pH from 1 to 14 ...

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201 and 201AA – disc filter

201 and 201AA – disc filter. Automatic Self Cleaning equipment with disc filter element. Includes special equipment to adapt manual to automatic installations. Max flow 105 gpm. Automation available in 110 V. There are special options available for Low Pressure, High Pressure and Sea/Saline water conditions.

We manufacture nutsche filters, vertical pressure leaf filters, horizontal plate filters, lenticular filters, lab filters, cooking oil filters,vacuum filters and cartridge filters. Sizes range from .02 square feet to 3,400 square feet of filter area and .05 cubic feet to 300 cubic feet of cake capacity for nearly every solid/liquid separation ...

Manual Disk Filter 1 in. Male 140 psi 120 Mesh Red Manual Disc Filters are engineered for efficient operation year after year with practically no... View full details Original Price $86.00