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See more Niobium products. Niobium (atomic symbol: Nb, atomic number: 41) is a Block D, Group 5, Period 5 element with an atomic weight of 92.90638. The number of electrons in each of niobium's shells is 2, 8, 18, 12, 1 and its electron configuration is [Kr] 4d 4 5s 1. The niobium atom has a radius of 146 pm and a Van der Waals radius of 207 pm ...

Niobium Oxide based solid electrolytic capacitors well suits applications where high reliability, long life and high safety is of primary focus – such as automotive, civil aircraft on board equipment or long operation life industrial devices. OxiCap® products for these applications offer extremely stable and robust performance, high ...

Home > Products > Niobium > Strip. Request A Quote. View our Standard Products. Admat is the largest and most experienced supplier of Niobium strip in the United States. Our customers know that we have the expertise to provide quality material and to ensure deliveries meet production schedule requirements.

Raytec Metal Co., Ltd: Conflict free tantalum sheet or plate in highest quality produced and custom-made by a leading global supplier - Raytec Metal Co., Ltd. No time difference, we work at your time and promise to give you fastest reply.

Niobium Rods is a silver coloured metal which is generally found in conjunction with tantalum, the two elements being separated by fractional crystallisation of their respective fluoro-complexes. It has an abundance of 20 ppm in the earth's crust. As a pure metal, is very reactive and forms an extremely stable oxide when exposed to air which enhances its corrosion resistance.

Feb 16, 2021· "Niobium is vital to many sectors of our infrastructure and manufacturing economy, and the United States is 100 percent reliant on other countries for it," said Jeff Mauk, USGS lead scientist for USMIN. "Updates to our database can help weigh the potential for domestic niobium production against the need for future trade agreem

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Niobium Oxide capacitors are extremely stable performance capacitors with high reliability level of 0.5%/1000hrs at 85°C or better, high safety technology with non-burning high resistance failure mode and high break down voltage. AVX OxiCap® is available as low ESR, High CV, low profile, up to 125°C and multi-anode technologies.

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Various products available include niobium sheets, foils, plates, strips, ribbons, tubes, wires, rods and ingots. Available in a wide range of diameters, thicknesses and lengths. Suitable for high temperature components, aerospace, plasma spray coating, filter and other applications. Meets ASTM, ASME and AWS standards.

Leading manufacturer and supplier of High Purity Niobium products including Niobium sheet, Niobium foil, Niobium rod, Niobium wire, Niobium sputtering targets, Niobium alloy, Niobium ingot, Niobium plate. The products are widely used on military, nuclear reactor, chemicals, seawater purification, petrochemical etc.

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Niobium: Niobium Alloys: Cb-752: FS-85: Nb521: Nb-10Zr Target: Nb-1Zr Wire / Nb-1Zr Rod: C-103: C-103 Sheet / Plate: C-103 Wire: Niobium Tube Target: Niobium Titanium Alloys: Niobium Rotatable Target: Superconducting Niobium: Niobium Zirconium Alloys: Niobium Sheet / Plate: Niobium Foil / Strip: Niobium Rod / Bar: Niobium Tube / Pipe: Niobium ...

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We supply our niobium ready for melting in sheet, ribbon or rod form. We are also very happy to manufacture complex parts. Our pure niobium has the following properties: High melting point of 2,468 °C. High ductility at room temperature. Recrystallization at between 850 °C and 1,300 °C.

CBMM offers a complete line of ready-to-order Niobium Oxide products - High Purity, Optical Grade, Niobic Acid, ANO - with flexible delivery around the globe. Learn about packaging options and access Safety Data Sheets (SDS) here.

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May 12, 2017· Niobium – Overview of Niobium Products. Niobium is a light gray material with a lustrous white appearance on polished surfaces. The metal has a density of 8.58 g/cm³ and a high melting point of 2,477 °C. It has good formability even at low temperatures.

A&R Merchants Inc was founded August 1990 by Alex Gilerman to introduce former soviet industrial metals enterprises to the Americas. In 1997 A&R Merchants Inc. began to focus exclusively on Marketing of Tantalum & Niobium products exclusively.

What is niobium used for in everyday life? Niobium has a melting point of 4474 F, which is 256 degrees lower than that of molybdenum. The development of niobium metal and its alloys for elevated-temperature structural applications was started only a few years ago, but considerable progress has been made since then.

Niobium products from Zhengzhou Sanhui Tradings Co., Ltd.. Search High Quality Niobium products Manufacturing and Exporting supplier on Alibaba.com.

Ningxia Orient Tantalum Industry Co.Ltd. Ningxia Orient Tantalum Industry Co.,Ltd (OTIC) was established on April 30,1999,and has been a pubic corporation in Shenzhen Stock Market form January 20,2000,mainly sponsored by CNMC Ningxia Orient Group Co.,Ltd (CNMNC),in conjunction with other four corporates.With the best assets and R&D achievements ...

1 · World leader in the production and marketing of Niobium products, CBMM has more than 400 customers in 50 countries. Headquartered in Brazil, with …

Application:Niobium and niobium alloy rod, wire has high melting point, corrosion resistance, good cold. working propertiesand other characteristics, widely used in chemical, electronics, aviation and aerospace. and other fields. Niobium and niobium alloy bars are used as structural materials of aircraft engines and

It is most commonly used in the creation of numerous metal alloys. Small amounts of niobium (as little as 0.1%) can significantly improve a metal's performance characteristics. Admat Inc. offers pure, alloy, and oxide niobium products in a variety of forms, including sheets, plates, rods, wires, tubes, strips, foils, and oxides. Benefits of ...

Sep 27, 2021· Niobium (symbol: Nb; atomic number: 41) is a metallic element with soft, gray and ductile properties. In nature, it is often found along with pyrochlore mineral while its processed form is used in the manufacture of high-grade structural steel and super-alloys. The name comes from Niobe, a figure in Greek mythology, who was Tantalus' daughter.

Dec 14, 2020· Niobium demand will be heavily impacted by COVID-19 in 2020, however, the steel industry has developed a dichotomy between China and the rest of the world. Roskill believes that China's steel production will reach a new all-time high in 2020, while the rest of the world will post a significant drop.

Niobium Properties. Niobium is a Block D, Group 5, Period 5 element. The number of electrons in each of niobium's shells is 2, 8, 18, 12, 1 and its electronic configuration is [Kr] 4d 4 5s 1.The niobium atom has a radius of 142.9.pm and its Van der Waals radius is 200.pm.In its elemental form, CAS, niobium has a gray metallic appearance.

Niobium is a highly ductile, soft refractory metal. The machining characteristics of niobium and its common alloys are similar to those of 316 stainless steel, and in lathe turning they behave much like soft copper. The chemical compositions, along with the

In the products of magmatic crystallization niobium and tantalum enter into the titanium-bearing iron- magnesium-silicate and oxide minerals. In products of residual crystallization, such as alkalic pegmatites, niobium and tantalum ... Niobium and tantalum dissolved during the weathering cycle tend to be concentrated in hydrolyzates; however ...

Tantalum and niobium carbide Products Tantalum and niobium carbide prove to be particularly resistant and powerful - ideal for hardmetal tools in a wide range of industries. Tantalum and niobium carbide prove to be particularly resistant and powerful - ideal for hardmetal tools in a wide range of industries.

Niobium, is a chemical element with symbol Nb and atomic number 41. It is a soft, grey, ductile transition metal. It has physical and chemical properties similar to the element tantalum, and the two are therefore difficult to distinguish. Nb is used in various superconducting materials.

Description: Niobium, also termed Columbium, is a shiny grey metal that takes on a bluish tinge when exposed to air at room temperature. Due to its low capture cross section for thermal neutrons, Niobium has application in the nuclear industry. Niobium can be electrically heated and anodized. Alloy: Yes.

Niobium Plate. niobium, niobium bar, niobium rod, niobium sheet, niobium wire, niobium tube, niobium disk CXMET is one of the best China niobium manufacturers and suppliers, and we are also a professional company with productiv e and effective factory. Welcome to wholesale products from us,...

Our Superconducting Niobium products. Purity of Superconducting Niobium: 3N, 3N5, 4N, 4N5. Niobium Sheet RRR>300 and Niobium Rod's RRR can reach to 330. Request A Quote. High purity Niobium Rod (RRR>300) dimension. Diameter (mm)

Each niobium plate undergoes a stringent inspection for dimensions, surface finish, and flatness. Our niobium titanium alloys and ultra-high purity niobium plates (R04220 RRR Grade) are engineered for superconductor, supercollider, and high energy particle accelerator applications. Whether you are building a tank in a chemical factory, coating ...

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Niobium Bar, Wire & Rod. Our niobium bars and rods are used in a vast array of applications. Some of these uses include sodium vapor lamps, HD television backlighting, capacitors, jewelry and chemical processing equipment. Our manufacturing process uses cold rolling and annealing to produce bars and rods with ideal mechanical properties and ...

About Pure Niobium Metal (Nb) and Niobium Alloys. Niobium, also known as Columbium, is a shiny gray or silvery ductile metal that does not tarnish or oxidize at room temperature. Niobium reacts with oxygen and halogens only when heated. Niobium is less corrosion-resistant than tantalum at high temperature. Niobium is not attacked by nitric acid ...